Saturday, November 19, 2011


 I visited RICKZILLA yesterday to celebrate Rick's birthday.  
Happy Birthday Rick Owens

It was my first time to visit the Rick Owen's shop in Aoyama..and I was shocked to find a wax statue of RickZilla in the back. hehe When I was told there was some exhibition going on...I didn't expect it was this.. But.. It was our lucky day! Since it was Rick's Birthday, we celebrated with Perrier & Champagne with the girls from PRED PR.  Thank you for making me come here Hiroko..I will never forget my first experience at this shop. hehe..

This statue will be in the shop...for a while..forever? I'm not sure, but if you really want to see this up close, you should visit the Rick Owen's shop in Aoyama. HEEHEHE..I'm sure you are all curious what is under the black scarf....


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