Saturday, September 17, 2011


A few months ago, I was invited by Commons & Sense Magazine to participate in this blogger section for their latest A/W issue for 2011 (issue 41), to take a photo of something which would express what I thought was LOVE.  As Commons & Sense is one of the most prestigious fashion magazines in Japan, I was honored to participate!  This issue was released on August 27th and I am sooo sorry for putting it up NOW! With the wedding planning etc.. time just kicked the wind out of me!  (does that even make sense? cuz me soo tired ..) Anyhow as you might or might not know Commons & Sense is a bi-annual magazine which means it only comes out twice a year! So you need to get your hands on it QUICK before it's all gone!  You can find it at bookstores like TSUTAYA in Roppongi Hills.  Please look for the cover above!

And you can find me 3/4 of the way through! I am sooooo happy to have received a FULL PAGE!!  I purposely didn't scan this page because I want you all to go to the bookstore and take the time to read what I wrote..What is LOVE? For me, it was pretty simple, tho I could have shared something about my recent marriage, or the lovey doveyness of me and hubby... but I understand that not everyone is 'IN LOVE'.. and with this theme deriving from the earthquake that happened on 3.11..I felt that 'family' would touch the heart a little bit easier.. Anyhow, you can take from it what you like with my photo..but let me introduce my 7 year old niece, Akira & my mother in law Mieko. ♥

photo taken in hiroshima.


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