Saturday, July 16, 2011


 we sat in the green car to go to zushi..
i felt like i was on the shinkansen

 58 min later..we finally arrive

 our taximan's uniform is an aloha shirt!

 there was a festival going on so there was mad traffic..

15 or more later...we arrive to BEACH HAYAMA OUTDOOR FITNESS CLUB!
 it literally was 7 steps..

 It wasn't exactly what I expected but it was still pretty cool!
 it was like a HUGE beach house..that had all the things you needed to do beach activities..
 and LIBRE BURRITO opened today!

 they had a hula was fun to watch!
 inside, they were teaching how to balance and control a canoe (kyayak?)

i decided to take a little walk..

 and the sand was TOOOO HOT my feet were burning!
 so I ran back in..
The menu at LIBRE hayama is limited, as the kitchen is not made for making chips & other things...and because it is in a fitness club they stuck to making only chicken or veggie burritos / quesadillas.  I think the margaritas and frozen drink options were awesome.  They had FROZEN watermelon!! To read more about this please check here: LIBRE HAYAMA

To get here, I recommend taking a cab / bus to HAYAMA PARK..and BEACH HAYAMA is very very near! Good luck!


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  1. beautiful beaches, hula classes, and LIBRE BURRITOS!?

    This place sounds amazing!!!


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