Thursday, June 9, 2011


 you know I just couldn't get enough Seoul Food. HEHE

  i was playing with the toy camera function & felt the color tones fit perfectly.

korean friend rice..yum

Every since I got back from Korea, my hubby has been wanting to eat at Tonちゃん, so we finally made it out to the one in Shibuya.  This place is ALWAYS has 2 floors and people actually line up (like they do for the maid cafes in akihabara) down the stairwells. The prices are pretty reasonable and they also have these tin cans that you sit on, where you take off the top and can put your belongings in there (so that they don't smell).  Super smart!  Anyhow, we tried to make a reservation here but I dont think they take any so if you plan on going, try to go earlier than 7pm because that's when the lines start!! Happy Eating!


1 comment:

  1. Great photos, I love Ton chan!!
    My favourite is in Shin Okubo.


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