Tuesday, June 28, 2011

MATINA AMANITA A/W 2011 'Mathilda & her Gypsy Prince' EXHIBITION @ STUDIO DEPP

The youngest of the Sretsis sister is Matina, the designer of MATINA AMANITA
The concept this season is about 'mathilda & her Gypsy Prince..

if you open this book..

there are 4 little books that hold jewerly which tell a story..

amazing!! the wings OPEN!

the love tokens hold Matina's fine jewelry line

Matina (middle) is the designer of these accessories. 
here's another look at the 3 sisters who make up SRETSIS
Matina, Pim & Kly..it was really nice to meet you!
you can contact H30 Fashion Bureau about sales & PR. 


  1. oooh wow. this collection is absolutely gorgeous. do you know where i could buy them at?

  2. it depends what country you are in but you can contact H30 fashion bureau (link above) to find out more.. and YES this collection was amazing!


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