Sunday, June 12, 2011

I ♥H&M

I NEVER DO SELF-FASHION SNAPS but..I just had to share..
bag: H&M
dress: GOOCY
Cardigan: BARBIE
shoes: HANJIRO (1000円!)
ring: Q-POT
I LOOOOOVE MY NEW BAG FROM H&M!!!  I really wish I had this bag when I was in Korea because it's sooo super convenient!!!  Having a shoulder bag when you travel is soo arms got really tired from my other hand bag..My sister and her friends always carried these kind of bags and now I understand WHY they love them and keep looking for them at vintage stores!  Anyway you can get yours at H&M now!! There are 4 colors..and you can see them here. yay! now I got me casual and dressy bags!!! (actually I have like loads of canvas totes..but anyooooo) here are my bags!


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