Saturday, April 30, 2011


how awesome does hubby look?! LOL

i loved how so many people were dressed up!! LOL!!!

it was quite crowded last nite!!!!

very very crowded...

guys had it easy just throw on some suspenders, tuck in shirt..

my b-girl APRIL. hehe

april is hot...

there were sooooo many people....

do u see the dude who got a bloody nose?!

yah..still bleeding?! LOL!!

april's sister..also hot.

i can never wear stuff like this..

kinda...innocent ..

not so much?!


for partying?


the camera guy was running up and down the runway..



so the dude on the left with his hand out...

was really hentai...

i think these 2 were the favorites..

too sexy right?

good job APRIL!!!

big jeff! yay!

syncronize watches!

a group called THE DROP OUTS


i was obsessed with this guy..LOL

sooo FUNNY!

suspenders & tucked in shirts...

DJ IS NOT JUKEBOX...go away....

but i had a good crowd in the VIP room. HEHE

Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head sort of played together..

yay! chiちゃん and canny!

secretary kelley. LOL not a jukebox.

Last night was quite an experience.  I DJ-ed for my friend APRIL'S 'REVENGE OF THE NERDS' party.  The concept itself was pretty rad so I was super into it!  I knew the crowd was going to be different than what I was used to..but this was alright because Tokyo is a big place and we need to expand our horizons sometimes & step outside our box right!? Well......there were many many NERDS everywhere..LOVED it!  I played in the VIP room this time...and it was fun to see people who probably only come to Velours to sit and drink in the VIP lounge, get up and dance..LOL.  What I was mostly proud of was hubby...he went all out with the dresscode last nite. I mean it was all clothes that he owned and is usually super おしゃれ..but the way he put it together was PERFECT. just.. PERFECT...Thank you APRIL for inviting me & お疲れさまでした!and ちなみに、HAPPY BIRTHDAY KITAさん!!!


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