Tuesday, March 29, 2011


This month's issue of VOGUE JAPAN has a little booklet about 'DIGITAL LIFE'and you can find me in here! (^o^) /
Hello readers! You're probably wondering what this is all about...so here's my story..hehe I never considered myself a serious blogger until now. I basically started a photo blog almost 3.5 years ago documenting where I was partying every night in TOKYO & friends I ran into at those times because 2 friends who didn’t live in Japan (Errolson & Stephen) wanted to keep up with what I was up to everyday. I guess I was a little over-active, and had attended almost every single party that my friends (who weren’t all in the same scene) invited me to everyday, with my record being 12..in one night. hehe I attended not only club events, but also fashion events and reception launch parties. Over the years, as the influence of SNS started to grow, so did the influence of my so called ‘blog’. I am happy to say, that all my efforts of just being me and documenting what I have been doing everyday has landed me an opportunity to work with VOGUE JAPAN in a project called “VOGUE meets ISETAN!” with the theme being ISETAN JAPAN SENSES "FASHION INTERACTIVE PEOPLE." I wish that I could describe this project as well as fellow blogger & window displayer MISHA JANETTE..but I can't compete so you here are more details (in English & Japanese) about this project: ASK MISHA! hehe This project launches next month (April 6th-19th), where I am honored to be one out of 12 bloggers to participate in coordinating my own WINDOW DISPLAY at Shinjuku ISETAN! I got to visit the pressroom of my favorite accessory brand called ‘Q-POT’ and coordinated my own accessories! Q-POT is a Japanese accessory brand (which you can find in ISETAN) that is SUPER cute and you feel as if you are in a fantasy when you visit the store. Visiting the press room was just as amazing!! Here's a little sneak peek of my experience...hehe
today’s mission was to make my own hamburger necklace!

basically, you can choose to put meat, cheese, lettuce, tomato, pineapple, etc.. so much fun!

then you slide the pieces through the necklace

it was a little difficult at first

but i got the hang of it after adding the cheese. hehe

then i realized the egg was too bulky..

i contemplated making it a double cheeseburger.......

but then it looked tooo big!!! but it’s SOOOOO CUTE RIGHT?!!?!

so then I thought about what kind of burger I would eat..so I took the bacon out..HEHE

and VOILA! I made my girly hawaiian burger necklace! but she was kind of lonely so i made another one after this....
What do you think I made?!
and don't forget to check out my show window between 4/6-4/19!!
you are free to tweet about it, blog about it, & tell all of your friends too!

Here's the info:

「VOGUE meets ISETAN! Part 13」
Display period: April 6, 2011 (Wed) - April 19, 2011 (Tues.)
Location: SHINJUKU ISETAN (my window will be to the right side of window on the corner)

開催期間:2011年4月6日(水)- 4月19日(火)

MAI TWITTER: maisassygirl

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  1. Hey ladylump! I'm so proud of you and your Vogue Japan project :) I posted a Congrats to you on my bloggy poo! Miss you already. Hope you're safe over there.




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