Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I'm sorry for the lack of event posts lately...since FRIDAY my left eye has been swollen and in a lot of pain. I endured it until Saturday but realized that I should go to the eye doctor. I was referred to Minami Aoyama Clinic since they were open on Sundays. The doctor told me that I had an eye infection and prescribed me an anti-biotic eye drop. I used it 5 times that day but my eye didn't feel any better, however I endured the pain for one more day...This morning, I noticed that I had a tiny white sty or something on the top of my lower eye lid that was scratching against my eye..so I decided to go to my regular eye doctor in Nakameguro. My doctor, who can speak perfect English explained to me that I did not have an eye infection and the anti-biotic eye drop I was using was not going to help this eye problem!! OMG--------- She told me that I had Chalazion. What the heck!? Apparently, some lipids are stuck inside my bottom eye lid which were causing the swelling. Fortunately, this is NOT contagious but unfortunately takes a while to cure... =(

She said that this problem is caused from lack of sleep and tiredness........I have to agree I was feeling all of this when she said this...so I have to take a break for a few days, use 2 of the eyes drops above 5 times a day as well as the ointment, which is sooooooooo difficult and annoying to apply...and take 2 tablets of Vitamin A for 2 weeks.

I thought that I would catch the flu or a cold first, but instead I'm one of the rare ones to develop this Chalazion!!!!! My body must really be exhausted. I will take a break until Friday. I really hope that this swelling goes down by then!!!

Anyhow, I really hope that everyone is taking care of their health, sanitizing their hands as much as possible and sleeping as much as possible!!!!

Take care everyone..Good Night.


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