Saturday, October 2, 2010


melon marguerita- VERY BAD. don't order it!

nachos-not that great either..

taquitos- GOOD!

Not so bad--but i was too full by the time this came..

spicy..not so bad, but the sauce was really i dunno..
We decided to eat mexican food last night and since we were in Harajuku, we ate here. The dishes are VERY it's not a bad place to hang out and just drink with your friends. I'd say stick to the fried things because you can't go wrong with that. To get here, walk all the way down Takeshita Dori street, cross meiji dori and go straight pass the Murasaki Sports shop..pass the A.P.C. store and this place is on the left hand side on the B1 floor next to the WOMB import shop. It did have a nice mexican feel to it, but to be honest I would recommend going to Junkadelic for Mexican food in Tokyo. Oh how I miss Alertos in Orange County!!!! For more info CLICK HERE.


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