Saturday, October 16, 2010

FLY LIKE A G6-Far East Movement

I was watching Gossip Girl Season 4, Episode 4 and noticed that my friends' song was at the end!!!! I'm so bad at checking the newsletters and haven't been keeping up with Far East Movement's movements. Fly like a G6 is definately my next favorite after 'Girl's on the Dance Floor.' I love this 'girl's on the dance floor' video which was actually made for a contest entry..and the guys arent even in it HEHE

Anyhow, I just heard that they just finished the video for their next big hit, 'ROCKETEER'. I promise to check your emails now Jon. HEHE P.S. you can see Jon Street drinking a shot in the Fly like a G6 video. HEHE Looking for producers?! Hit up STEREOTYPES CLICK HERE.


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