Friday, June 4, 2010

" Idealistically Hypocritical 5 " @ AMP cafe , Koenji, Tokyo

for more info on this exhibition: CLICK HERE

this was my 2nd time in my 4.5 yrs of being in Japan..
TRIP had some art at this gallery so we went together...
one of her muses: Melody Yoko

and the other LIV LO

久しぶりMAYちゃん came too

these are some of my favorites from other artists..

love my girls.

Trip is doing a lot of new work recently. She has an 8-page spread tie up in VOGUE coming out at the end of this month and also a page in NYLON for BABY M. Koenji is actually not a bad place to go..We ended up looking around and ended up shopping A LOT at the vintage stores around the gallery. After you exit the station, go out of the south exit and walk towards the yonchome cafe and make a left. There are TONS of vintage stores there. Anyway, The AMP CAFE gallery is located between the park and a karaoke place. For more info: CLICK HERE


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