Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I woke up yesterday morning at 5am with my left eye lids stuck together. WTF!! Actually my eyes have been giving me trouble for a few days, and I just thought it was hayfever...But yesterday, it was just gross............so I waited until 8am and went to the eye doctor. He told me it was Conjunctivitis - PINK EYE. (結膜炎)BOO!!!! This is contagious!!!!! So I couldnt go to work or meet anyone (except for my roomate who helped buy me food/water) My body was feeling kinda funny too so I took some TYLENOL COLD and slept all day yesterday until 8am today.. anyway, For more info on how to prevent this click here: PINK EYE SUCKS. WASH YOUR HANDS PEOPLE!


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