Friday, January 15, 2010

PARTY REPORT. Mai First Full week back!

I was so happy to see ママ and takayo!!!!

next day: Sign cafe. Yes, I'm still working every tuesday!

then to M to see if i won a trip to PHUKET...
i heart fantasista from mashcomix!!
he has an exhibition coming soon..

can u tell who is who? hehe

my girl liv lo
unfortunately, we didnt win the trip to phuket.

my leg started hurting again so I had to elevate it for a bit....

i heart lyoki because he always reminds me of wolverine!!!!!!
(i know he hates it when i say that right?!ごめん!)

TRIOL members, Lyoki x Jun doing an acoustic live. it was really nice and refreshing!

omg. SOOOO CUTE!!!

then back to liv's for some..

desert. homemade banana split. yummilicious!

I was trying to take it easy this week because of my injured leg. I'm walking a bit better but last night, I think because I walked maybe a little too much, my ankle started bruising and swelling up..... We didn't have an icepack so we settled for the next best thing..a frozen bottle of bacardi. hehe It got numb after this. We watched a movie called Adventureland which starred Kristen Stewart (from Twilight) and Ryan Reynolds etc.. It was just 'ok' for me... to the point that I dont really have much to say about it. Anyhow, my leg has been feeling a bit funny today so I'm relaxing at home. I have 2 parties on my schedule for tonight. がんばります!


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