Monday, October 12, 2009

SIGN CAFE - Day 2 x Transit

so much fun today.
and many friends came to visit me afterwork.


on another note...

i've been asked to join the TRANSIT BLOG TEAM. There are other interesting writers on this site too so please bookmark it! for mine click here: MAI X TRANSIT
i will be writing more text on the transit site of all the details of my party adventures and random experiences and keep this one as just a photoblog because it's easier to post photos. *happy face*

ooh and the words i learned today:

とうにゅう -tounyuu - soy milk
おおもり- oomori - a larger portion/size (of food)
はいざら - haizara - ashtray
きつえんせき - kitsuen seki - smoking seat
きんえんせき - kinen seki - non smoking section

these are all words i always heard but could never say when i wanted to ! so now i know!!! sooooo excited! yay!


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