Sunday, June 7, 2009


i heart frank 151

we heart PARRA!!!

kenta's going away........ booo

i heart millie

rick x bob

i heart my lil sista michiko

U-GOD x sayaka

mitsuo x sarasa

i heart jun

big kap


fraser x clark kent

itooo x hibi

dj f.y.s. aka bingo

my girls.
michiko x sayaka x tomomi x eriko

great product placement for redbull. lol
everyone shall be converted to vitamin water very soon. hehehe

the best hip hop dj in da house

パパyone x mike (frank 151)

wise x tarantula
we heart hiphop, real hiphop

lucky lucky

i heart my パパ.
time: 5am.

DJ CLARK KENT played some amazing beats. The crowd was awesome and everyone showed their support and respect by dancing til the very end! It was packed!!! I wanted to wear my nikes tonight, but instead i went with heels and this dress. The last time i wore this dress i had so much fun tooo. i think it's the dress. gives off some special spark. tee hee I woke up last morning not feeling too hot so i was drinking a lot of vitamin c. wish i had some essential. and since my body was feeling a bit tired, i had to load up on redbull tho i wish i had power-c! its time to revive..

next stop: UC

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