Monday, April 20, 2009

NOBI Bed & Breakfast Day 2

we wake up to find jude making breakfast. yummy!!

now for photos of Nobi beach house...

our room...there are many many rooms! enough for 19 people!!

Loft upstairs

that bath!! nice view right!!!!

now downstairs..

outside another centipede.

we go hiking to see GODZILLA

the secret trail..
i kinda felt like i was in Lord of the Rings. it was kinda scary!

the FORK

the park!

we head out to lovers view point

map of where everything is..
we are talking about doing a rave here!!
dj booth would go THERE.

back to the house..

then home...awww we miss you already JUDE!!! Anyhow here is the info if you are interested!

Nobi Beach Club

5-4-29 Nobi, Yokosuka-shi, Kanagawa-ken

050.3103.4548 (IP landline)
Please leave messages via Facebook (Jude Brand)
or email (

Spring Room Rates
(including overnight accommodation and breakfast only):
6,000 yen per person for a shared room
7,000 yen per person for a private room
5,000 yen per person for a group of 8 or more

Our standard western breakfast includes scrambled eggs and bacon, toast and toppings and tea or coffee, as you wish. Fruit and yoghurt with herbal tea or a Japanese breakfast with green tea (if ordered in advance) is also an option.

Dinner Options

All drinks BYO

- If you bring your own meat, snacks and drinks, we will set up the barbecue in the garden and make sure there are plenty of coals at no extra charge for overnight guests. We can also provide the same service for day trippers at 1,500 yen per person (1,000 yen per person for a group of 8 or more).

- If ordered in advance, a chicken, beef or vegetarian curry with rice and salad followed by a light desert of yoghurt and fruit served either in the dining room or garden for 2,500 yen per person for overnight guests (3,500 yen per person for non-guests).

There is also a stone-fried curry restaurant within walking distance and two other restaurants within a 5-minute drive - a Russian one and another serving pizza, pasta and some standard Japanese dishes (we can provide transportation to and from for overnight guests). PLUS there is the fabulous Half Moon Bar on the bay right in front of the B&B, which is perfect for an after-dinner nightcap (open 8 p.m. till 2 a.m. on Friday, Saturday and Sunday).

Lunch Options

- For 1,000 yen per person - guests or non-guests - we will pack a picnic lunch (of either curry or pasta and crackers or bread - or some other tasty bite from the kitchen) and escort you on a short hike up into the mountains to our favorite picnic spot.

- A blue cheese or tomato and basil pasta with salad served either in the dining room or garden for 1,500 yen per person for overnight guests (2,500 yen per person for day trippers).

- A barbecue (as for dinner above).

Remember: All drinks BYO.

Other Activities

I have already amassed a small library of books and several board games (backgammon, chess, go and scrabble). And there is a fantastic ofuro in the B&B itself, which faces out across Tokyo bay.

There are local hiking trails - one of which brings you face to face with a 7-meter statue of Godzilla in the Kiddyland area of the national park directly behind the B&B. We also have two bicycles which overnight guests are free to use (and which day trippers could rent for a nominal fee - say, 500 yen for 4 hours; 1,000 yen for the day).


By train -

Take the Keikyu Line bound for Misaki Guchi from either Shinagawa or Yokohama Station (if you live near Shibuya Yokohama is probably quicker) and get off at Keikyu Kurihama Station. There are express trains (the fastest ones display the destinationn in green on white - the red ones are slower) every 15 minutes on the Keikyu Line. Make sure you're in one of the first two carriages as sometimes the last few cars break off in a different direction but if you're up front, no worries. It takes 59 minutes from Shinagawa or 35 minutes from Yokohama. But be careful: The stop before Keikyu Kurihama is called Kita Kurihama so be cool and don't jump off the train too soon.

From Keikyu Kurihama Station, go left out of the only exit and down the stairs to street level. The bus stop for the Kuri 3 bus is about 10 meters to the right of where the stairs land you. On the weekend, buses leave every hour on the half hour (i.e., at 12:30, 1:30, 2:30, etc.), but if you're early there's a handy Keikyu Store in the basement of the station building, the entrance to which is about another 10 meters to the right of the bus stop. In fact, timing your arrival so that you have time to shop locally would be better than having to haul food and booze all the way from Tokyo, BUT if you're after something 'exotic', which in this neck of the woods means high-end herbs, cheese and wine, then there is also a Kaldi specialty store immediately opposite the ticket wickets where you exit the station upstairs.

The terminus for the Kuri 3 bus is the Kokuritsu Kuirhama Biyouin (National Kurihama Hospital) and that's where you get off - at the last stop. The bus takes less than 10 minutes and it's about a two-minute walk from the bus stop to the Nobi B&B. If you call with the time of the bus you're catching, I will be at the bus stop waiting for you - otherwise you might have to wait a few minutes for me to come and fetch you.

Note: From Zushi you can just ride the Yokosuka line to JR Kurihama and, from there, take the Kuri 8 bus to the last stop (aptly called Nobi Kaigan, meaning Nobi beach). However, I do not recommend taking the JR all the way from Tokyo - it takes longer and costs more, fyi.

By car -

Take the Daisan Keihin Expressway to the Yokohama-Yokosuka (Yoko-Yoko) Road (200 yen for a K-car, 250 for a standard passenger vehicle). There is a short stretch of road called the Yokohama Shindo that connects the Daisan Keihin with the Yoko-Yoko, but if you keep following the signs for Yokohama and/or Yokosuka you should be fine. This stretch is 150 yen for K-cars; 200 yen for standard cars. You stay on the Yoko-Yoko road right to the end at the last exit called Sahara (1,000 yen for K-cars; 1,150 for standard cars). From there it is best to take the left turn option for Kurihama (unless you have a reliable car navigation system which can guide you through the maze of streets you will need to negotiate if you take the right turn option).

After the left from Sahara, just follow the signs for Kurihama Port and Ferry Terminal and, from there, follow the signs for Nobi Kaigan. Take the first right out of the tunnel AFTER the road curves to meet the coast (about 30 secs to a minute after you clear the tunnel). The road you'll turn into climbs up a very steep grade, at the top of which you'll see Buggsy's stone fried curry restaurant on the left and a large green-tile roofed building (Roujin Home) on your right. Keep going straight until you reach what looks like the end of the road but which is, in fact, just a 90-degree turn in the road to the right (when you come to it you'll see a sign saying "No Entry", which means to the grounds of the Kokuritsu Kurihama Biyouin - which is fine because you don't want to go there anyway). After the 90-degree right, just follow the road as it curves gently around to the left. The Nobi B&B is the first structure you will come to a few hundred meters further along on the right.

Plenty of parking is available (but a quick heads up if you do plan to drive down would be good - so I don't inadvertantly let the vallet take the day off).


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