Monday, February 2, 2009


so it's like a hostess club but with cats. hehe
30 min - 700 yen
60 min - 1000 yen
every 10 mins after is an extra 150 yen
luckily the drinks are free. (~.^)/

i loved this one she was so sophisticated.

yes there were many many cats...

some liked being pet...

some liked to just pose...

this one was so cute his front legs were shorter than his hind legs!

i loved this one too

mix between panda and puppy?
i heard it was a scottish fold.
so cute tho!!

this one had short front legs too!!

another sophisticated one...

Let me just say, that I thought the idea of coming here was weird at first... but after this experience, i think it's quite interesting and relaxing. hehehe I guess if you want one but can't own one..hang out here! so funny right!? This one is in Jigyuugaoka!

P.S. They have a really cool cocoa maker!!!!


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