Sunday, November 30, 2008


First of all I wanna say HAPPY 26TH BIRTHDAY TO MY SISTER MINDY!!!!!!!!!! She probably doesnt check my blog but Happy Birthday ANYWAY!!!! weeeeeeeee

So, BODY & SOUL...

on the taxi ride there, errolson passed out and i put the mickey mufflers on him

3 gangstas
Errolson x Daisuke x Fraser

we got here pretty late but it was just in time..

my girls
Sakiko x Katiuscia

I heart Oyamaさん(primitive)

now this is a real VJ.

DAISUKE (primitive)

crowd going wild!

we in the DJ BOOTH!

just like PROM

Francois and his NIKE SHOCKS. hehe

as the music slowed down a bit, we went to play in VIP..

ok..i felt really bad for going in here tooo....but..
so this is where the sumo wrestlers clean themselves?

Hey can you hand me the soap?

no one handed me the soap...

I remember coming here for KOBE COLLECTION...

music back up again!

awwww crutches!!!! why!?!?!?!

mai x katiuscia.

Now this was a party for music lovers. People were sooo nice!!! I lost my earring for 10 seconds on the dance floor and as I started looking for it, like 10 people helped me out and i found it soon after!! i heart japan.


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