Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Just another typical tuesday....11.25

so, in front of tsutaya, i noticed a very big ad of TSUYOSHI! LOL..
so funny! Below is regular tsuyoshi....

Had a meeting with Quiksilver guys and Sakiko about BOOTIQUE then ran into K-moon!

Because we want ITOOO to be a tequila boy for our party on 12/3, we gave him a call and found out he would be spinning at NUTS. So here we are....

i heart itooo

eichi and i look like we are in a jungle but this is actually the lounge space at NUTS!

HIBIちゃん (trouble=あぶないよ)

Itooo x BINGO

SO.... I couldnt resist....
had to share the headphone muffler thingie...

LOL! i heart BINGO!!!!

Thank you Nash for my lovely headphone ear muffler thingie.
I love it and wear it everywhere and everyday!!! heheheh
have you seen my baseball? heheh
GOOD times, GOOD friends...GOOD talks...


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