Monday, August 18, 2008

Movie night with my Dark Knight.

awww, the man of my dreams... tee hee

yes, he is definately coming to Lost on an Island....

We went to see DARK KNIGHT at Roppongi Hills with Alice tonight. It was a pretty long movie. I haven't been watching movies as much as I used to so it's taking me a little bit of time to absorb everything. It was a pretty interesting movie tho the most annoying thing was Christian Bale's voice when he was batman. I have to say tho, Morgan Freeman is the coolest. And it was funny to see Edison in it too for like. 30 seconds. Next on my list:

Kung Fu Panda
Sex in the City
Stepbrother (recommended by lee)-
tho i dont think that it's coming out in Japan anytime soon...



  1. Wow, this guy is hot. is he an actor?

  2. hehe, it's my good friend tim.
    not actor.
    just tim.
    and yes, he is quite handsome isnt he?


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