Hi there! My name is Mai and I started this blog while living in Tokyo.  Originally this blog started as a space for me to share my everyday night life and was called "Just My Typical Night in Tokyo".  I featured all the parties and events that I attended since 2007, which has ended up being about over 1000 parties/events/art shows etc...  Crazy you say? Yes, I totally was.  I was labeled as Tokyo's #1 PARTY GIRL which motivated me to party even more and keep up this blog.  My goal was to finish blogging up every place that I went before everyone woke up the next day.  I was insane! I became the 'go-to' girl when anyone came thru town and wanted to party.  In 2011 Vogue Japan chose me to participate in a collaboration with my favorite Japanese accessories brand Q-pot for a show window at Isetan.  From that moment on I realized that I had somehow became 'fashion interactive' and this blog became more fashion event focused than night life til the morning parties. But, I was getting old.

I eventually got married in 2011 and had an adorable baby 'Zooey' in 2012. I raised her in Tokyo and brought her to almost all of the events and fashion shows with me.  She got to meet celebrities and designers that all the celebrity fashion babies got to hang with in Hollywood and NYFW.  We had a thing going, but things got difficult, priorities started to change, so I decided to move my family back to California at the end of 2013.   

I've had my doubts about whether or not to continue this blog..I just didn't have the time and energy anymore because the first few years of motherhood were taking a toll on me.. But I wanted to prove that just because you become a mother you DON'T have to give up everything that you enjoyed doing. After moving back to the states I decided to change my blog from black to white and am continuing to attend events when I can, with Zooey. I'm still contemplating about how I should change the direction, how to make it evolve in a way that no one else is already doing.  I've contemplated the option of becoming a crafty mommy blogger, but it's so not my forte. So while I make this transition, I want to thank you for reading and for all my fans who have continued to watch me grow! ♥  

Just My Typical Night in Tokyo didn't die, it just grew up. 


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