Wednesday, March 29, 2017


 I've done it again, where I forget to blog. Whoops!
A lot has happened since Amelie's been born and in a blink of an eye it's already the end of March! We had a huge week celebration for Zooey's 5th birthday which you can see on her blog here.

Anyhow, I've been obsessed with big straw bags lately and found this pink bag on SHOPBOP. We used it for Zooey's sports day and it can really hold a lot of stuff!! It's also strong and sturdy so I can put heavy things in it and not be worried about it falling through the bag.

 The Mexican blanket is from Gunn & Swain

All I was trying to do was sit down for a picnic but then I saw a turtle doing yoga and that's the end of that. Anyhow, Spring is here and summer is coming so how cute would it be to be carrying this bag in your swimsuits? 

Get it here:


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