Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Zooey had a few outfit changes today but this is what she wore first to walk the Playground Show! Some were saying that she was channeling Wayne's World. 
Top + Trucker Hat: Tiny Whales SS16
Denim: Gap Kids
Sneakers: AKID

Let's talk about brands with and Instagram.  As a millennial mom, I really pay attention to brand's with great social media.  While walking Playground today the first thing I asked brands were for their Instagram handles (if I couldn't find it myself). I wanted to understand through their feed, the concept of their brand.  Some had AMAZING feeds, and others not so much. Let me introduce some brands that I already knew from Instagram as well as brands I didn't, but ended up following! 

INSTAGRAM: @tiny_whales
As you can see, Tiny Whales carries basic T's with graphics, trucker hats, leggings and shorts for kids.  What sets them apart from the other T shirt brands tho? I personally think they do a great job branding on Instagram.  Their feed is clean, super fun and portrays what type of kid would wear their stuff..The 'cool kids'. Curating original content for Instagram is hard but they got it down. 

INSTAGRAM: @huxbaby
I did not know of this brand before..but I walked by their booth a bunch of times and kept stopping. When I checked their Instagram I knew that this was one of those cool contemporary brands that keeps their feeds simple,minimal, yet inspiring. I immediately followed them and became obsessed! I found out that this brand is from Australia and everything is made from organic cotton (which is the big trend these days!). 

Also in their booth were these wooden toys called BABY BAAZARR that are made with sustainable wood and veggie dyes! Eco-friendly and organic is a must for millennial urban moms! If you check their Instagram (@babybaazarr), there is a little bit inconsistency and seems like a mix with the personal account of the designers.  I recommend that personal experiences should be separated from Brand Instagram feeds unless there is something related to the brand in the photo (for ex. product placement). I highly do not recommend posting photos from your vacation that do not have the same aesthetic as your brand.  


INSTAGRAM: @shopbabybeast
This brand is new and maintains a monochromatic Instagram Feed. I'm not a huge fan of monochrome Instagram feeds, BUT because Baby Beast is a brand designed with a monochromatic palette, the reason for this makes sense. They keep their feed clean and cool.  Their next collection is really cute and I love their basics. The material is SO SOFT. 


Zooey was down to try on their TUTU + T and this is what we got. 

I chose 2 brands from this showroom to introduce below.

INSTAGRAM: @popupshopnet

They have mini bikinis with animal pictures!! 

INSTAGRAM: @moi_kidz
I hope after reading this post, brands will think harder about their brand concept and find creative ways to share them visually through Instagram. This is the most effective ways to promote your brand on a budget. Good and creative photos that can relate to your customer's lifestyle might also lead to them being PINNED on Pinterest too! But that's a whole other discussion. Mom's spend a lot of time on Instagram these days and posting their kids wearing cute clothes or searching for style inspiration.  Social Media is a crazy animal and it's not going to stop evolving, and neither should you or your brand.   


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