Thursday, March 26, 2015


I feel horrible that this post is coming over 1 month late!!!! I'm sorry Jac! It's been a hectic month, with Zooey's birthday happening yesterday, me figuring out my work stuff..being full time working mom is NOT easy. I respect all your working moms out there and give you all a virtual hug for having the strength to even read this blog post! Anyhow, this will be my final update from #WWDMAGIC.  The minute I got introduced to this brand JAC VANEK, I immediately fell in love with it and HER! She's a genius. That's all. Now scroll away to see her new collection>>>>>>>>>>> 

I NEED this cream colored bag. Being a mom means I'm also a walking BAG LADY. 

HA!!! So...true. 
I say all my single girls need this. 

too much fun...

Then we went upstairs to the suite to see Capture by Hollywoodmade..

The thing about this brand, is that they are all photos that Nina takes..
I love her photos!

Attending WWDMAGIC as an official blogger is always a busy task, but I have so much fun because I get to see friends in the Fashion Industry.  Unlike Tokyo, where each brand does their own press preview, it's like 2 times out of the year where everyone from around the world fly in to roam the halls. Because I brought Zooey this time, it was a lot more hectic but she had a lot of fun meeting new people and we discovered so many new brands. As I've mentioned before, I'm trying to get into promoting more mini-style, things that I would want Zooey to wear..but I still love discovering brands for me as well. I haven't found the perfect Mommy & Me brand yet...We don't dress Too High Fashion so that won't work for us. I found the perfect mommy & me shoe brand tho..  Maybe it's time for hubby to start designing clothes for us? What do you think? 


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