Wednesday, December 10, 2014


My trip to Tokyo was MAD busy but I had to set a time aside to visit the STRETIS AOYAMA shop.  Words can't even describe how freaking amazing the design and story behind this shop you can just scroll down, see my photos and experience this super cute hotel-like shop which takes you up some stairs into a fantasy where deers fart clouds...and unicorns walk on them.
It's true...just scroll...


 that elevator actually leads into the dressing room..a really nice one!

the dress KIKO wore.

 Yes, you can embroider your own bathrobe!!! it's very verrrry soft.

 deers farting clouds!


 im sure you can get a hot shop staff with your purchase. hehe

 the conversation chair.

 the end.
cute right?

Now if you're in Tokyo, go visit the shop ASAP!

more info:
located on the same street as Kitsune in the back streets of Aoyama.


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