Friday, August 15, 2014


 My first OC event.. (I think)
 At first I was nervous because I had no idea about this brand..

But then I saw these shoes and wanted them all. And then found out, they aren't this shop's brand. *noted*

I also found out more about the brand..The concept is 'fashion forward fitness' which is work out clothes that can easily convert into clothes that you can wear to go out afterward. GENIUS. Tho this is not my personal style, I was really into the idea.  Since starting Zumba, I noticed a lot of the ladies dressed up in really nice work-out clothes.  I don't see a lot of just plain T shirts with shorts anymore, but people color coordinating their nike gear head to toe, from layering shirts to their flourescent shoes etc.. 

 and these sport bras. like.

 I didn't think I could pull this off, but know so many other girls that can!

 TOO FACED cosmetics was also at the event.

 SO CUTE. wish I could pull this off!!!... 

 cute dressing room
 Meet Ryan Cox. 

 more cute shoes.
 gold balls anyone?
 body suits! I really need to try one day...
 the lovely  //out incorporated ladies
 Joann Doan, whom I met at the TPOHLA Picnic last month.  
 Just like some events in Tokyo, there would always be someone super cool willing to try something super funny or different that would catch everyone's attention and they are forced to stand awkwardly for longer than they intended to and pose for photos. hehe (It used to be me..haha) 
This award goes to you Joann!  THANK YOU! 
 mmmm smells like chocolate - TOO FACED MAKE UP goodies!
while I was trying to take a photo of my gifts, #babyzooey decided to photobomb. 

I had a nice time at this event.  Can't wait to see more of how LA/OC events are so that I can keep comparing them to Tokyo.  

for more info on this brand:


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