Wednesday, August 13, 2014


shorts: baby gap

Jacket: H&M KIDS
Denim: Baby Gap

Bandana: Ben Davis

bag: Marc Jacobs Party Box

Sunglasses: DVF for Baby Gap
Shorts: Baby Gap

Denim Jacket: Baby Gap

Denim Jacket & Jeans: Baby Gap

A preview to Zooey modeling for Ultraviolet Kids SS2015. 

I feel so bad when I have to apologize for not updating my blog.  I've had these photos saved in my blog draft for a week but this has been the most hectic week ever since Zooey started daycare.  Cheers to #motherhood.  Ok no more excuses.  I've been wanting to share these photos of Zooey wearing Ultraviolet Kids since she had a photoshoot for their SS2015 collection.  We were asked not to take photos that day so I don't have any behind the scene photos to share but the finished photos should be coming out later this year.  

Since leaving Tokyo, I knew that Zooey's future to be in the Entertainment Industry would be slim, but getting chosen to be a part of a really hip LA kids brand's lookbook reassured us that our little Zooey still has her spark! Not to say that I have a dream to be a DANCEMOM or MOMAGER or anything..Of course it would be really amazing if Zooey was discovered one day and got to be in a CM or become a poster child for something, but I will leave it up to fate to make that happen instead of forcing her to go to castings and auditions...I do give a hi-five to all those mom's out there that have the time dress up their kids super cute and share those photos on instagram tho! I love finding these treasures on my explore button on instagram...  have you seen the instagram for '@cutieandthebeast ?? 

I want to thank Ultraviolet Kids Michelle and Angie for choosing us and I hope that we can work together again sometime.  I love these clothes so much.  They are really what you would call "MINI STYLE"  .. The little crop tops that flare out and the harem pants... to die for!!  The PRINTS are also just too perfect.  I wish there were pieces in my size that I could wear too!  But as you moms with daughters will tend to dress our girls how we wish that we could dress! 

GAH! These tops are so darn cute.  This is how we style #babyzooey with #ultravioletkids 
How would YOU style Ultraviolet Kids? 

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