Thursday, March 13, 2014

3/14 (FRI) KALEIDOSCOPE 'Fashion Festival' -To Celebrate the Start of Japan Fashion Week' w/CAROLINE D'AMORE & KEN ISHII ++More! @ ORIGAMI Agency Presents:
--To Celebrate the Start of Japan Fashion Week--

FRI. 3.14.2014  23:00-LATE
@ ORIGAMI, 表参道交差点 / Omotesando Crossing

         --MAIN FLOOR--
 Electro, Nu Disco, Deep Melodic House

***SPECIAL GUESTCaroline D'Amore (Skamartist / LA)


-Marshall Marshall Boardman (Solid)

-Jommy (Roctraxx/Arcus/55DSL)

        --GALLERY Sub-Floor--
Funky, Jumpy, Soulful & Tech House + a squeeze of Chill

-Yoppy (Little Sunny Bite)
-Misha Janette (Tokyo Fashion Diaries)
-Mayu -th5mayu- (The Plant of Songs)
-Dani Savant (Street Level) x Cata Simian (Origami Resident)     
    ***Back 2 Back!***

DATE: FRI 14.03.2014   OPEN: 23:00-LATE
DOOR: 3500yen


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Supported byZIMA PINK
                         MAYBELLINE New York

万華鏡(:kaleidoscope)はまるで見る目を吸い込むように様々な形や色を演出してくれる。今週金曜、Japan Fashion Weekに向けてOrigamiで開催する「Fashion Festival」は眩くサウンドと共に万華鏡そのものになるだろう。

海を越えてロサンゼルスからスペシャルゲストに来てくれるのは、アメリカのファッションセレブリティでありDJCaroline D'Amore(Skamartist) Carolineの雰囲気とファッションはどこでようと周りを夢中にさせるのは言わずとも知れる。その傍らStoneBridgeとコラボレートしながら8年のDJキャリアを積んできた。こんなことを聞いたことがある、「Carolineの中に潜む炎はダンスフロアが壊れるくらい人を上げさせる!」

更にパワーアップするようにCarolineとヘッドラインを飾るのはあのテクノのウィザードKEN ISHII!彼独自の洗練されたビートが待ち遠しい。CarolineKENをリードに才能溢れるDJの豪華ラインアップはあなたの音楽欲とファッション欲を満たすだろう。

かてて加えて先着100名様にはアメリカのL'Orealグループの大手化粧会社MAYBELLINE NYから特別なプレゼントが待っている。


Just as a kaleidoscope produces alluringly changing shapes and colors, this Friday night's 'Fashion Festival' - a party to celebrate the start of Japan Fashion Week at Club Origami - will give you the same effect and beauty, with a twirl of quality sounds.

From across the big pond from a city called LA we have invited special guest DJ and US fashion celebrity Caroline D'Amore (Skamartist).

Caroline is not only a dazzling model who's style and fashion creates a buzz wherever she goes, with an 8 year DJ career behind her in collaboration with StoneBridge, she is a huge DJ in her own right. As one admirer put it: 'Inside her bursts a fire that knows how to rock the dance floor to bits!'

And to add to the mix, head-lining alongside Caroline, we are delighted to announce the world famous Japanese Techno Wizard ***KEN ISHII*** - we await his original selection of smooth beats in excited anticipation :)

Together Caroline and KEN will be leading a specially selected luxurious and seriously talented DJ line-up that are getting dressed up to impress your musical and fashion taste buds.

As an icing on the cake, for the first 100 guests to arrive, a special gift will be provided by MAYBELLINE NY - the large US Cosmetics Brand & part of the L'Oreal Group - that is making a major splash during Japan Fashion Week.

So mark your calendars and be sure to start off the week when the world of Fashion arrives in Tokyo in sleek and slinky style!


Produced and Powered by Agency


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