Thursday, June 6, 2013



 cupcakes by Peddle 

 trench coat.yes please.

 want want want!!!!!!


 scarf so cute!!

 loving the prints!!


OMG- GAP. Where do I begin... I think growing up in Orange County and literally living next to South Coast Plaza, I couldn't avoid being sucked into THE GAP.  I grew up wearing GAP! From their signature jeans to their LOGO even their bright orange polo shirts!!! Yes, back in my gangster preppy days!  I loved GAP so much that I even worked at Gap Kids for the discounts! haha.  Also I used to fit the biggest size at Gap Kids..Amazing right?  ANYHOW...I was so happy to come to this press preview exhibit! Though the items are pretty simple and basic.. i absolutely love their corduroys by the way.. it just totally took me back and I was pretty into their new print designs!  I was actually allowed in the baby gap section as well and got to pick out goodies for baby zooey! Anyhow..Loving this last look. I think I will always love the nautical look and isn't she sooo cute!!!!

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