Friday, May 10, 2013


 baby zooey was feeling a bit under the weather but was a trooper today..
I kept missing Phillip every time he came to Tokyo so I had to at least say hi this time.

 love my meloちゃん
 Juliana x Misha

 CHAKI'S super cute girlfriend♥


久しぶりにChiaki and Kyoko♥
I couldn't stay at the event very long as baby was not feeling well but at least I got to reunite with Phillip!  I knew him decades ago before he started his brand and look at him now! Times like this I reminisce when I could stay at parties and move around more freely so that I could catch up with everyone, but nothing beats motherhood right?  I'm so glad to see everyone that I haven't seen in a while tho and don't you just love my yellow Phillip Lim bag?! My shirt/sweater is also Phillip Lim but you can't really tell here. anypoo..

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