Sunday, April 14, 2013

ABI LOVES... x ELLE MAMAN SPRING PARTY REPORT @ Claudio Colucci Studio 4.14.2013

so cute! you can get this on Elle Shop
so cute you the kids can color on the walls!

 gel nail for baby? hehe

 Papotage Bakery Goods


 kids can make bath salt!

 zooey gets a sticker tattoo♥

 Tokyo Urban Baby seminar..Just talking about places we like in Tokyo..

 me and baby♥
story telling time

 Jane & Hugo

 I think zooey wants to be an artist hehe

 sit and color. so much more comforable ? hehe

 she loved this so much!!
 so crowded!
 Bobbi Brown PR Yumiさん x イケメン x Abi♥

 Thank you Bonpoint

love my gifts ♥

Since Zooey turned 1, I am really making an effort to participate in more mommy and me events.  Tho we didn't get to interact with a lot of the kids because they were older, I think Zooey had fun drawing on the wall and getting her nails and tattoos done. hehe That came out wrong but guess what, Zooey didn't cry and she passed out at exactly 12:30pm for her nap! Loving this. 

Thanks Abi (Abi Loves..) and Kate (Tokyo Urban Baby) and all of the Elle Maman Mama's!

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  1. Thank you Mai,
    so glad you both enjoyed it - till the next one - Summer Party ^^

    Abi xoxo


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