Saturday, March 30, 2013


I haven't had a proper hanami since giving birth to I JUST HAD TO GO TO THIS!!!
THANK YOU TOKYO URBAN BABY for hosting this picnic!
 it was my first time to Shinjuku Gyoen..sooooo beautiful!!!

and zooey FINALLY crawls properly..but I think she only does this on grounds that she feels might be dirty?!!!? lol she still mops the floor in our house with her tummy tho (when she is not cruising)
go for it!
so many flowers, moms, babies, strollers..

still need to figure out my camera and try to unblur the background..
had to put on the hat from baby gap that grandma bought her..
so cute. hehe 

Joolz was having a stroller demo..I felt like this stroller took all the great parts of the stokke, bugaboo, and airbuggy and put it into this stroller.
trying out the JOOLZ stroller
what I liked is how the bar came off..the bar on the stokke doesn't come off so it's hard to put baby in or take her out when she's sleeping without waking her..

some flower shots..

some stroller shots. hehe 
so pretty!

there was some wind so the cherry blossoms dropping from the trees...i couldn't catch it well tho..

Kate & her sister in law and of course their babies

walking out of the park..

We arrived a little late to the picnic..and I had to feed baby zooey straight away..and since that took a while since there was no hi chair to hold her in place, I didn't have much time to really socialize and take photos with any other moms (my bad!)..I need to get better at that..Anyhow, I've been following Tokyo Urban Baby for a while.  Of course I considered doing a website like this as well but I just don't have the energy to start another blog as well as maintain this one without a TEAM!  To be honest, I found this site when I was feeling really lost about being a mother in Tokyo and this site really helped me hang in there!!!  Zooey will finally start nursery school so I will have some time to myself to think of my next step!  My baby is growing up!!!! Of course, she will still attend a handful of events with me so you party people can still expect to see her sometimes. hehe Anyhow, if you are a new mother in Tokyo, Japanese or not..I really recommend this site for encouraging advice and entertaining videos!

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