Sunday, February 24, 2013


 THE WWDMAGIC TRADESHOW had finally started...
and I had a packed schedule with panels to participate in...

 My first panel was Discovery Sessions..where I introduced items that I found on the floor..
It was my first time to even explore the floor but these were the items I immediately fell in love with!
 coat from Dear Creatures

Then later this day I had to prepare for TOKYO POP which I was a part of with Misha.  We all wore a piece of Misha's wig collection or accessories PLUMB.

 Tokyo Pop was moderated by Wendy Bendoni
 and Gina participated too!

 how do I look with blonde hair?
So much fun (but I was super nervous!!!)!!!

anypoo..the next day, I participated in an eco discussion..

I learned about Indigenous, an eco-friendly and fair trade brand.

these were my favorite items from this brand. 

 I had to go on a scavenger hunt to find eco friendly brands and fell in love with this knit tank top from Eileen Fisher.  

 These bracelets from Good Work(s) Make a Difference are also organic.. 

 and here is our panel..
 Again, very nervous...I am not so savy about Eco-friendly manufacturing so I had to be honest about it..however during the scavenger hunt to find brands to introduce in the panel, I had interesting discussions with people and learned a lot about how important it is to go eco-.. I didn't know that fashion was ranked as the #2 cause of pollution in the world. It made me a little sad.. 

 Matt Reynolds (far left) is the co-founder of Indegenious and was leading this panel. 
He was such a friendly guy and was so positive and optimistic about this discussion.  

Later this day, I was involved in another panel to share items that I thought would be trending for A/W.

I focused on accessories this time...
I discovered this brand called PEPALOVES that had everything that I wanted!!!

I also discovered these sunglasses made from bamboo (environmental friendly!) in the emerging accessory designers corner!  I had Margie give them a try.

The 2 bags in the back are from PEPALOVES , the sunglasses are PANDA and of course my hot pink bag from POPMOLLY!  
 I had sooo much fun with these girls and am sad that I didn't get to meet them properly the first day!! 
meet (L-R)

after this I got photo snapped!
 Kelsi, she put this all together!!! お疲れさま!

 gah, anyone who knows me KNOWS that I hate to get fashion snapped!!!
Thank goodness I was comfortable in what I wore this day. heehee..

Top: Owlie sweater from Urban Outfitters, tank top from J crew, 
Bottoms: cut off denim from Levis
boots: Keith Haring x Sly collaboration
Glasses: DITA
Watch: G-shock
Ring: Q-POT


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