Friday, October 26, 2012


I went to the Mint Design's Exhibition and had a closer look of the fabric and designs of each piece. Everything was so amazing.  I became a huge fan of Mint Designs after discovering it at Parco 1 last year! The texture, fabric and prints were so specific and amazing and I'm super obsessed with all the prints!!! Anyhow, this was one of my favorite prints and I didn't realize that it was a cat eating a rat until I looked up close!! This is individually stitched as so soooooo cool right!? やばい!

 This is another one I like..don't shoot the rabbit, worn by my dear Susie Bubble
 things we didn't see in the runway so soooo love!

 amazing socks! i ordered a bunch hehe

Susie did a little interview with the designers..I 'helped' translate. hehe
Hokuto Katsuiさん x Susie x Nao Yagiさん
I also want to say HAPPY 10th ANNIVERSARY TO MINT DESIGNS!!!!!!!

more info: MINT DESIGNS


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