Sunday, July 1, 2012


After a little over 6 months, I'm finally going home to Tokyo! For those of you who didn't already know, I came back to the states to give birth to my baby, this little angel in the photo above, ZOOEY. I gave birth to her on March 25th so she is a little over 3 months old now.  They grow SOO FAST! I've been learning lots about motherhood from my mom here and am looking forward to doing it all as a family with my hubby when I return to Tokyo this week.  My lifestyle will be changing a lot..unfortunately, I will not be attending the clubs as much as I used to so I won't be able to do as many party reports as before (so sorry!), but many things will come into place once I get back into the swing of things.  From now, 'Just another Typical Night in Tokyo' might not be the type of party reports it used to be tho I will probably still be up all night .. but don't worry, I won't be TMI about diaper changes or breastfeeding details here hehe  I can't wait to see everyone when I get back home and introduce Z.until's some P diddy..


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