Monday, January 2, 2012


I went to HIROSHIMA to visit my in-laws for New Years..In Japan, it's a tradition to spend time with your family for this holiday..I learned this when I first moved to Japan.. I thought people partied hard for the countdown, (which some do)..but a majority of them go back to their hometown. I'm so happy that I have family to go visit for the holidays now!! And, let me not forget about the delicious food that they always prepare for us!!! yummmmmmmmy! ok so...after our arrival, the dinner on our first night..  

everyone ate this..
I had salad (below)

nice american dinner? heheh 



after dinner, I took a nap...then..woke up before the countdown to eat SOBA
SOBA is traditionally eaten for NYE because it symbolizes a LONG LIFE..
you can read more about Soba & it's traditions here: SOBA x NEW YEARS



Then we stayed up to watch KOHAKU...
where the GIRL'S TEAM WON! ♥

then the next morning...
we had more SOBA & my aunt-in-law prepared OSECHI

each piece of this japanese dish has a symbolic meaning

We went to temple..

We had Nabe for dinner..YUMMMMMMM


I forgot what this was called but it was Taro inside. so yummy!

We also had Yakiniku one night but I was too exhausted to take photos.....Anyhow all I have to say is that I am so grateful to have in-laws that cook such delicious meals and fed me soo well during the holidays!! Living in Tokyo, I don't eat very well so it was great for the health of the baby in my belly which probably gained so much weight in the past few days! I am back in Tokyo now, and ready to start 2012 fresh.  There will be a lot of changes this year, especially with baby coming.  Work will be changing a bit, as well as my blog.  I haven't decided yet what I will do next but I hope that you will continue to keep reading...I apologize again that I will not be attending as many clubs as I did before (because of the circumstances) but hope to substitute those posts with more interesting content.  I will however continue to attend fashion events, shop openings etc until I can't walk anymore so we have a few more months left for that. HEHE I might be missing out on this year's A/W Fashion Week tho because I might go into labor then. WOW. Time really flies.  

Have any of you thought of a new year's resolution?  I don't see the point, as we always tend to forget about it after a few weeks.  I say just live life the best you can, live it to the fullest, but don't try toooooo hard..let things come to you naturally.. don't step on others... don't use others.. and don't hesitate to help others.. be positive .. smile... if you've been burned before, don't let it happen again... cut the people out of your life that drain you (the users) be strong and stand up for yourself... appreciate your friends and family.. appreciate the people who HELPED YOU get to where you are & acknowledge them... communication is key.. so when things feel funny, talk them out.. These are the things that helped me get thru the year and have contributed to my success!

I want to say thank you to all my readers! Without you, I wouldn't be where I am today!! Thank you soo much and Happy Happy Happy New Year!!!


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