Saturday, July 2, 2011


I know this brand because Ryota's shop 'Bench at the Greene' in Daikanyama carries it.  They have pretty cute backpacks & bags.  Check below..or their website: Herschel

  so many イケメン here tonight..hehe

 kaz was drawing all the people there as amazing...

 i think okuちゃんlost a bet and had to take ALL of those shots..

 naoki busted his ankle while skateboarding that moment..

 SO CUTE!!!欲しい!!!!!

mai x ryota hehe 


 Liv & Henry dropped by during my DJ set!! thank you!!!!

I had so much fun DJ-ing tonight!!! I guess it's always interesting when I get to play in front of all different types of crowds.  This was the streetwear skater crowd..and I was shocked when all the boys got excited when I played Katy Perry..LOL.. I went for the old school hiphop tunes this time around too.  So much fun!! Thank you everyone for coming and dancing to my dj set!!!! I DJ @ FBAR for LIV LO presents GIRLS TREAT BOYS tomorrow! COME! more info here: GIRLS TREAT BOYS vol. 2

みんな今日は来てくれて本当にありがとう!!盛り上がってて嬉しかった!!!すごい楽しかった!!!!明日FBARでまたDJするから是非来てくださいね!!!INFO はこちら:GIRLS TREAT BOYS vol. 2

btw..I decided to keep my 'party photos' of people to a 'large size' instead of posting them super HUGE..when I post about clothes, food, or 'things'..I will enlarge them...I had a few comments about the photos being too huge..but if you have any other ideas, please drop me a comment. Thank you for reading!! xoxoxoxo




 マイの一番大好きな二人AMI x AYA!

Nylon has opened a cafe in between Shibuya & Harajuku.  It's behind the Audi Building and very easy to find..assuming they will keep the big NYLON sign there. HEEHEE.  The space wasn't so big however there seems to be outdoor seating since it's located at the rooftop.  I can see this being a very popular spot to hang out & have meetings (as long as they have free wi-fi as well too ね!)  Nylonが大好き!I love Nylon! It's one of my favorite magazines and one of the few that I actually BUY! heheh  Anypoo check it out!  It opens TOMORROW!