Wednesday, January 12, 2011

PARTY REPORT. AUDI A1 LAUNCH EVENT @ Bellesalle Shibuya First Forum 1.11.11

audi had a launch party of their NEW AUDI A1 at Bellesalle shibuya first

as usual, Audi hosted an おしゃれ party

my raffle ticket was hubby's birthday!! what are the chances of that!

Daigo & my girl マリエ

tokyo's favorite drag queens take the stage

 my honey & kazu kazu

then i felt like i was at Department H.

Audi Japan did it again, hosting another impressive event to celebrate the launch of their new car, the AUDI A1. Today's event was a mix of 'tokyo underground & party culture' with Audi customers. I had fun watching everyone enjoy the special appearance by Daigo & マリエ, live by TRIPPPLE NIPPPLES, and DJ sets by Studio Apartment's Moritaさん & Tei Towa and VERBAL. Audi is awesome for letting people try out their product hands-on so people were standing in line to sit inside the new Audi A1. I hope to see more events like this through out the year. いつもありがとうaudi!


Hubby went away for a I had a girls night out.. @ M event bar

This is how Daikanyama M looks right now..sooo nice..

this is how a girl's party looks

We had so much fun catching up I forgot to take photos until the end...My hubby went a way for a day, and it was the first time that I had to stay home alone so...I decided to have a girls party at the last minute...I ♡ my friends!!! Everyone is slowly coming back from vacation and everyone seems to be having huge plans this year. Daikanyama M is such a great place to get together with your friends. To find out info about M please check HERE.