Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I never really ate WENDY's until I moved to Tokyo, which was about 4 years ago...but they always had this 100¥menu that I loved..It was SOOOO GOOOOOD! But suddenly...ALL THE WENDY'S shops were GONE!!!!! (I would say over a year ago???)  I was so sad...but then...on December 27th of this year, WENDY'S MADE A COME-BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need to find this shop...and heard it's in Omotesando..not in the same place it used to be but...I am determined to find it today... I mean look at this menu, how can you RESIST the CHILI CHEESE FRIES!????????????....i know im a fatty..but yo I'm pregnant so whatevers!!!! I can eat whatever I want! heheheheheeh

 um HELLO...baked POTATO!!!!!

 for a healthy mind...

 fried potatoes! Yes please!

 and WHAT?! PANINI FOR BREAKFAST!!! heading over right now..

Here is the map..too bad they are NOT 24 hrs but...I have until 9pm to get there...
I'm so Happy! Yes I am! WENDY'S OVER BURGER KING ANY DAY!!!!!!


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