Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I wasn't into the hype for SUPER 8 when it first came out..but because my friend PAUL recommended it.. I decided to check it out.  As Paul put it, it was an 'ode to our own childhood as dreamers'.  I was surprised at how it really DID remind me of the curiosity & innocence of our childhood.. This is definately the E.T.  / GOONIES (from my childhood days) of this new generation.  Elle Fanning was so good in it.  The ending was a little cheesy but the overall movie wasn't bad.  You do tend to feel connected to the characters.  It's worth renting.    

My friend Paul also recommended HANNA.  I had NO IDEA what this movie was about before rending it but it was super exciting to watch.  I love watching movies where Kids Kick ASS! Basically this 16 yr old is brought up to be an assassin.  It was such a good suspense thriller.  Cate Blanchett is pretty awesome in it too..but I have to say SAOIRSE RONAN ROCKS in this movie!  The music for this movie is by the CHEMICAL BROTHERS.  Now go rent it!

It's been a relaxing holiday season for me this year as I've been a little under the weather and my baby is starting to kick A LOT... because it's so cold outside, it feels a lot better to stay home and catch up on all my favorite TV shows and movies.  I hope everyone is having a great Holiday break!! I promise to bring more exciting updates after the New Year!!! Bring it 2012!


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