Sunday, December 4, 2011


Dear readers, as some of you might know by now, I'm about 23 weeks pregnant..(and YES, this is the main reason why I cannot go to CLUBS anymore at the moment!! and deeply apologize for the lack of CLUB PARTY REPORTS!!! hee hee)  and when I was shopping for maternity clothes at DESTINATION MATERNITY in LA, I was recommended this 'stretch mark' tummy rub.  I've been using it twice a day (well at least I try) and so far, as my belly is getting bigger, NO STRETCH MARKS! YAY!  I'm sure this works for all types of stretch makes your skin more elastic so that it can withstand all the stretching that might occur.  My cousin just came for a short visit and brought me more stock. SO HAPPY.  So the brand is MAMA MIO..If you are pregnant and worry about stretch marks I definately recommend this brand.  It isn't gooey or sticky and smells pretty good too!!

妊娠してるのママになるへ、このSTRETCH MARK CREAMはオススメ!マイは9月からつかって、すごいいい感じです!お腹は大きくなるけど肉割れはぜんぜんないよ!

I think I might need to start a mommy blog soon, but I haven't gotten to it yet..but time is passing by really fast.. I should start a blog for my baby shouldn't I? hehe She can be the next TAVI perhaps?? LOL

これからママのブログをやろうかな思ったけど、ちょっと大変から、まだはじめてない。マイの赤ちゃんのために作ろうかな?マイの娘が次の人気ブロガーになるかな?HEEHEE そう、女の子 98%だって!


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