Thursday, December 8, 2011

LOEWE S/S 2012 EXHIBITION 12.8.2011

 I started off in the men's section for LOEWE'S S/S 2012 exhibition today.
The location was at the renewal LOEWE SHOP in ginza..
you can see my party report from the renewal party here: LOEWE RENEWAL PARTY REPORT

 then wallets...

i like these colorful bags! 

 notice the lizard?

 so mature and good for business!

 so cute..i love how they have different lockets for each bag..

 made to order!!! which means you can customize your own!

 ooh suede..

 these prints were the point of this season...
 cute bracelets


as always..i loooove my gifts. I especially love the keychain on the bag!!



  1. I love your blog so much!! I just found it while researching about the Roberto Cavalli shop in Aoyama. Great party pictures and reports!! I went to the first anniversary of Marc Jacobs in Aoyama last weekend, it was lovely! Did you go? I'll keep looking for updates!! You can check out my blog too, I just moved to Tokyo a few months ago:)


  2. thanks vivian! i went to the MJ store really early in the morning with my friend who works for MJ. you can check my post here:

    not so exciting but there are links to the shop opening a year ago & when robert duffy was here which you can check out linked at the bottom. Thanks for following!



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