Sunday, December 18, 2011


In a little alley behind Bell Commons in Gaienmae, I discovered another JURILIQUE, one which offered PRENATAL MASSAGES & FACIALS. I had to try it!!!!!  If you didn't already know, JURILIQUE is an organic cosmetic brand from Australia.. For English info click: HERE

 I have visited the shop in Jiyugaoka..but they didn't offer the Prenatal service there.. 

 good Christmas presents yes?

 #1 cleansers 

 that was a little tour of the shop...

but the real reason I was here..was for my're not allowed to get a massage when you are within your first trimester (First 3 months of pregnancy because there is a risk of a miscarriage) I hadn't had a massage since I got pregnant... and anyone who knows me KNOWS that I NEED my massages like every other weeek!! It's been tough! so you can see how excited and HAPPY I was to discover this!!!!! The room was equipt with the prego body that I really need to invest in very soon as my back is starting to hurt and it's getting more and more difficult to sleep comfortably!

 everything was organic. yay!
I will say that..this was one of the most amazing massages that I have ever had in my entire LIFE! The facial was great too!! Hubby even noticed that my skin was a bit lighter..hehe If you are pregnant and are looking for a place to get a maternity massage, I highly recommend JURILIQUE!  The staff are very friendly and well trained.  Of course they offer regular spa services too which you can find on their website.  To find this specific JURILIQUE please click here: JURILIQUE AOYAMA

妊娠してるの方にここのJURILIQUEでマタニティーマッサジーはオススメです!!すごい気持ち良かった!!!!最高です! JURILIQUE AOYAMA もちろんふつのMENUもあるので是非CHECKしてください!!!


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