Friday, November 18, 2011


 I didn't know Vanquish made a women's line!! So I was excited to see this collection!

 these graphics were so cute. 

 front side of this shirt..

 the back side. hehe

 aww soo cute..if i can ONLY fit my boobs into this..

 the pockets were a good idea

We came at a good time yesterday and I got to meet the CEO Ryo Ishikawaさん!He is SOOO young and this brand is really successful! All the staff were so nice and sweet.  I don't know if I can mention their plans for next year..(oh I can't..) but it is really amazing... So amazing what a JAPANESE BRAND like this can achieve..Good Luck Ishikawaさん!To see more info on VANQUISH please check their website here: VANQUISH WOMEN (you can find their shop in 109)


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