Sunday, September 18, 2011


What is Sumally!? It's a new SNS platform that lets you connect with what you love with the people you love.  Basically you can share things that you HAVE & post items that you WANT and also browse and find things that other people might have that you might WANT or HAVE also!  It's kind of fun to see what other people own & want and you can find out how certain people have the same tastes as you!  You can follow people you like and people can follow you, like Twitter but instead of reading each other statuses, you share what you own or want.  Interesting right? I finally started updating and it's a little addicting so share away!!! This site is bilingual (japanese & english) so anyone can use it! No restrictions!  Have fun! oh and if you are interested to FOLLOW ME, you can FOLLOW ME HERE: MAISASSYGIRL SUMALLY 


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