Thursday, September 29, 2011

PARTY REPORT. 『PORTLAND NIGHT -What's pushing up Portland , What's pushing up Tokyo.-』Last Thursday @ SMOKE BAR 9.29.2011

 my girl TRIP

 MERCY- he is still looking for a girlfriend..anyone? hehe

 junken battle for the portland tickets!


 we are 2/3 of TRIP'S ANGELS

 im so happy MELODY came by!!!!!! 

 where you going mel? hehe 

it was hard to use this kinda old cdj but..i had so much u can see. LOL 

 i haven't danced this hard for soooooooo LONG!

 800円 water


 USUKEOLOGY sooo CUTE!!!! hehe 

THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR COMING LAST NIGHT!!! I didn't have my camera most of the I couldn't take photos of everyone last night!! boo! hehe It was a fun night was a long time since I got behind the CDJ and last night was my LAST DJ...well for while.. I got so many emails last night asking WHY??? but I will tell you why soon enough hehe..sometimes we just need a little break right? Well congrats to the people who won the portland trip!! In the end it was a junken battle...who would have thought..becoming a junken master could help you win pretty cool things.みんな昨日来てくれた本当にありがとう!嬉しかったです!昨日はマイの最後のDJです。ちょっと休んでます。今までSUPPORTしてくれてありがとう!!!


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