Friday, September 16, 2011


 Lovedrose, this is the brand my girl LIV LO was on the billboard for until...yesterday?!

 this brand seemed to have an upper east side look.. girly yet sophisticated...
 it kind of reminded me of FABULOUS CLOSET....

 there were sweets everywhere like ALICE IN WONDERLAND (which is kinda played out by now?)

 the reception was quite mellow as well, people just sat around and didn't move..
so it was hard for me to move..

and it was nice to see familiar faces!!!!!

This shop is actually in a really good location behind Lotteria on Harajuku Crossing..I couldn't be bothered to actually shop last night tho because the shop was packed and people weren't moving but I heard the prices are pretty reasonable. I also heard the brand changed their image to have a 'foreign image' so Liv was no longer the face of the brand. So sad. I think I would have actually shopped here if Liv was still doing it. Here is the info for the brand anyway: LOVEDROSE


P.S. I would have went to TABLOID for TGC NIGHT after this but my body decided it wanted to crash! I'm so sad. more to come this week..

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