Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Remember the dancing elf videos you used to make your friends for XMAS? Well this is like SO MUCH BETTER! LOL!! Casio has developed this 'art casio' site where you an upload 2 photos (one of yourself and another of a background to create your own video. I had so much fun with this as you can see HAHAHA Got some free time at home?  CHECK IT OUT: CASIO ART IMAGING SQUARE

This site is in Japanese & English..so anyone can do it!! So fun! lol!! You can choose the music, the dance style etc..Do you like how Hubby is taking my photo while I'm dancing on the hollywood hills?! lol!! send me your videos and I'll post the best ones!! ♥

おもしろいサイトみつけちゃった!!あなたとbackground photoの2枚の写真をアップロードして、オリジナルのビデオを作れるよ!!やばい!すっごいおもしろい!時間があったらやってみて!! ここで:CASIO ART IMAGING SQUARE



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