Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Before you scroll down to the fashion show photos, let me just say that it was the first time using my new ricoh CX5 and the photo quality is not as great as I hoped. SO far I'm very disappointed in my new CX5....But anyhow, I'm sharing only the decent photos and filtered the rest. Such a waste because a lot of the outfits were really cute....... anypoo..scroll down down down down ....

 it wasn't until this LAST shot that I got my camera on the correct setting..darn!


 always happy to see Juliana x Noma x sleepy Teruya hehe 



curious about my sweater? it's from AMI AYA'S brand JOUETIE!



 i heart GUNJIさん!

 long time no see atsuko x rioちゃん!♥

of course TRANSIT did the catering! yum!

nice おみやげ♥

It has been a while since I've been to a fashion show and it was super nice to see everyone that I haven't seen in SO LONG!  I love events done by steady study because they always bring all the fashion people together and there is always such a great atmosphere!  Tho I was gone for 2 weeks, I felt like it was forever and I never got tired of hugging everyone that I crossed paths with tonight. LANDS OF Eden is a new brand and will be opening a shop in LA FORET.  You can follow lands of eden on Twitter here: LOE. You can follow me on twitter here: maisassygirl hehe I will be quite busy this week, with 2-3 events EVERYDAY until I go back to LA (next tuesday!) can you keep up with me!? 


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